Blended Learning Services

Developing a holistic approach to training development and delivery is crucial for any organization or individual today. People are always on the move and learning in different ways. Understanding how and what people are using to learn and develop skills is fundamental before developing any training program. At ClearModule we are experts at understanding how to make blended learning a part of any training strategy. Providing a variety of learning options (for example, mLearning, eLearning, Games, Virtual Live and Certification) is key to successfully rolling out any training program.

Our blended learning services include the following:

  • E-Learning – highly engaging web based training.
  • M-Learning – highly engaging mobile based training
  • CBT (Classroom Based Training) - This is traditional instructor lead training a a classroom environment.
  • VCT (Virtual Classroom Training) - Live virtual training using the latest cloud technology.
  • Webcast - Live presentation to a large audience (50+).
  • Webinars - Live presentation with some interactivity to a medium size audience (10-50 people).
  • Gamification - Bringing interactivity and game mechanics to a learning environment.
  • Knowledge Sharing - everyday learning.
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