CMCP Certified - Training Consultant

CMCP Certified - Training Consultant


Technology is transforming how people learn and engage with each other in business everyday. The workplace is shifting to an always-on everywhere environment with people connected via many devices. Having the right information available at the right time is vital to driving business success. The training and knowledge sharing requirements on a company are greater now than anytime before. Delivering high-impact blended learning solutions that align with a company’s strategy and business objectives is required to drive business success. As a training consultant, it is your job to develop your skills, build your knowledge and have the correct tools available to meet your customer's business needs. This places significant requirements on the role of a training consultant, and this certification training program will enable you to meet those requirements. The motivation to develop this certification program is that we believe at ClearModule that it is important to leverage and share best-practice training consultancy skills to enhance and grow the profession.

ClearModule has developed this certification program with the vision to train and certify training consultants on best-practice methodologies, tools and processes which are needed in a corporate learning and development organization today. The program was developed by our Master Training Consultant in collaboration with a number of Senior Training Consultants. With over 10 years of progressive corporate learning and development experience, he has held positions as a: Manager, Consultant, Developer, Trainer, Lecturer and Architect in a 100,000 employee Company and a third level education institute. He has personally designed, developed and delivered 100s of learning solutions and training programs (CBT and WBT) across many professional domains (Sales, Engineering, Consultancy and Management). He has managed large scale learning and development training programs.

Learning Objectives:

The learning objectives are to provide the students with the practical knowledge, skills and tools to carry out their job as a training consultant. During the certification program students will be trained on the latest innovative tools that are used in training development and delivery today. They will learn the best practice methods used in training consultancy today. They will enhance their instructor skills with coaching and learn how to design, develop, deliver and manage training programs/learning solutions.


The certification program focuses on seven key areas:

  • Classroom Based Training (CBT)
  • Web Based Training (WBT)
  • Virtual Classroom Training (VCT)
  • Blended Learning Solutions
  • Certification Programs
  • Training Consultancy
  • Training Management

Who should attend:

This certification program is designed for the following types of individuals:

  • A undergraduate/graduate who would like to start a career as a training consultant.
  • A training consultant who has just started their career.
  • An experienced training consultant who would like to broaden their skill set.


Duration: 5 days

Delivery options:

We have a number of flexible options.

  • Option 1: Individual students can attend one of our public sessions at our locations.
  • Option 2: We can deliver the certification program at your company's location.
  • Option 3: We can deliver the certification program at a convenient location for your company.

Public Sessions Locations:

We have public sessions with fixed dates and locations twice a year.

  • Public Session 1: August 17th 2015, San JoseCAUSA.
  • Public Session 2: September 7th 2015, DublinIreland.



Session 1: Delivering High-Impact Classroom Based Training (CBT)

  • Understanding and engaging your students.
  • Meeting explicit needs of students.
  • Managing scope change during training.
  • How to ask the right questions.
  • Reading body language before it is too late.
  • Building the relationship.
  • Tools for engagement and information retention.
  • Making PowerPoint engaging and using the whiteboard.
  • Exercise and Assessment: Deliver a high impact classroom training session.

Session 2: Developing Engaging Web Based Training (WBT)

  • Asynchronous versus synchronous delivery.
  • How to keep the students engaged.
  • Best practice - know your tools and when to use them.
  • Understanding the requirement and meeting explicit needs.
  • Developing rapid e-learning training.
  • Building your skills for design, development and delivery.
  • Exercise and Assessment: Develop a high impact rapid e-learning course.

Session 3: Delivering High-Impact Virtual Classroom Training (VCT)

  • Understanding the benefits and differences to CBT.
  • Delivering VCT, Webinars and Webcasts.
  • Creating engaging content.
  • Understanding and engaging your students.
  • Meeting explicit needs of students.
  • Managing scope change during training.
  • How to ask the right questions.
  • Building the relationship.
  • Tools for engagement and information retention.
  • Making PowerPoint engaging and using the whiteboard.
  • Exercise and Assessment: Develop and deliver a high impact virtual class course.

Session 4: Developing Blended Learning Solutions

  • Defining a blended learning solution.
  • Understanding the benefits, challenges and costs.
  • Best-practice tools and processes.
  • Studying successful case studies.
  • Exercise and Assessment: Develop a blended learning solution based on a case study.

Session 5: Building a Certification Program

  • Understand when to use certification.
  • Building a certification business.
  • Designing your Certification framework, methodologies and processes.
  • Developing a certification program.
  • Aligning certification and learning.
  • Managing and delivering a successful certification program.

Session 6: Training Consultant – Critical Success Factors (CSFs)

  • Understanding the critical success factors.
  • Sharpening your skills.
  • Engaging your customer at different levels.
  • Understanding your customer needs.
  • Selling Learning Solutions – asking the right questions, selling the right solution.
  • Performing Skills Gap Analysis - tools, processes and methodologies.
  • Building a business case.
  • Key tools and processes.
  • How to measure success.
  • Exercise and Assessment: Case study testing important training consultancy skills.

Session 7: Training Management – Critical Success Factors (CSFs)

  • Meeting the needs of a Learning & Development Organization.
  • Setting up a training organization and deploying solutions.
  • Understanding the organizational pyramid.
  • Best Practice Methodologies and processes.
  • Developing your Toolbox.
  • Developing the right blended learning solution (CSFs).
  • Metrics and KPIs – measuring success.
  • Engaging your stakeholders – keep the money flowing.
  • Managing a high performance team.

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