E-Learning Services

Business needs are constantly changing, and the key to any organization’s success is to have a skilled workforce with the latest knowledge and skills to either design, market, sell or support their products, solution and services. 

Are you using the right tools, technologies and methodologies to deliver e-learning training that is high quality and achieving business value at the right price point?

ClearModule specializes in delivering services across the full spectrum of e-learning. We define and deliver the right service(s) by listening, understanding and engaging our customers. Our eLearning services incorporate the latest technologies, tools and methodologies to deliver high value e-learning training.


Portfolio of E-Learning Services

ClearModule offers a wide range of e-learning services. The key services are as follows:

• consultancy
• strategy development
• content development
• customized solutions
• managed service
• content hosting

We see these e-learning services as being the key to supporting your business, but we don't stop there! We are in the business of developing services and solutions that solve your problems. Contact us to discuss your unique challenge, and let us put you on the right path to success!

Spectrum of E-Learning

In order to make the correct decision for your business, you need to gather your requirement (objectives, cost, timeline, target audience, delivery etc), and develop a solution based on a single or mixed delivery. At ClearModule, we are experts in understanding the business needs, and what part of the eLearning Spectrum best suits you or your business. 



The Spectrum of E-Learning is about understanding your e-learning development and delivery options. Once you understand these options, then you can make an informed decision about the type of e-learning that best fits your needs.

On the delivery side, you can have asynchronous (playback) or synchronous (live) options. Maybe both options are needed for your requirements. You also have the option of delivering training using whiteboard, rapid e-learning, engaging games, virtual classroom and live webinars. In most cases, you might use a mix of these options i.e.  a blended approach. The reason behind using one method over another comes down to your unique requirements and ambition. Delivery time, cost, scale, target audience and learning objectives are just some of the points that you need to consider when building an e-learning training program. We have extensive experience at building programs that encompass all of these options. Talk to us today about your e-learning program.

Measuring Success

The E-Cloud Academy ultimately measures success based on how much value we can add to your business. We use empirical based data to measure the success of our E-Learning Services. The key input to measuring the success is our customer.

The main key performance indicators (KPIs) that we use to ensure successful delivery of our e-learning services are as follows:

• High impact – rapid change (knowledge or skill) based on objectives
• High quality – accurate, engaging and high information retention 
• Quantifiable success – metric based business review based on  service level agreements
• Cost efficient – competitive pricing and value for money
• Rapid delivery – meeting customer deadlines every time

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