About Us

At ClearModule we provide the next generation of learning solutions by utilizing state of the art technology and incorporating the latest learning methodologies. This enables individuals and companies to rapidly develop their knowledge and skills on a business needs basis.

Our expertise is in our ability to offer a holistic approach to training delivery using the latest technologies and techniques. Our aim is to lead, manage and innovate our training solutions, thus aligning your competence needs to the business strategy and objectives.

We are a ‘Silicon Valley’ based business and have global training expertise and reach. Our vision is to build the largest secure virtual training world in ‘The Cloud’, which enables our customers to leverage our ‘always on, always available’ training philosophy.

The customer benefit is that our training solutions are low cost and high impact with immense scalability.

Contact us:

For general sales, please contact us at sales@clearmodule.com

For Certification, please contact us at cert@clearmodule.com

For technical and support queries, please contact us at admin@clearmodule.com 

Last modified: Sunday, 18 May 2014, 7:24 AM