ClearModule has developed a number of in-house solutions to meet the demanding needs of professionals in the IT, Telecom and Business Environment. These solutions are delivered by Senior Training Consultants who have worked across the globe delivering training solutions to top IT and Telecom companies.


ClearModule Certification Program (CMCP)

The ClearModule Certification Program (CMCP) provides you with the opportunity to become a certified training consultant, or specialise in certain areas of this job discipline. 

CMCP - Training Consultant Certification Track:

  • CMCP Certified - Training Consultant (more info)
  • CMCP Certified - Instructor Specialist
  • CMCP Certified - Learning Architect Specialist
  • CMCP Certified - Training Developer Specialist


IP (Internet Protocol) serves as the core networking technology for fixed, mobile and Internet networks today. It is the key technology used to route traffic (for example, E-Mail, Web Browsing, VoIP and content sharing) around the globe.

We use IP technology and other related technologies (for example, Ethernet, MPLS and TCP) to build reliable Networks. It could be your home network, campus, corporate or the Internet. The underlying technology remains the same.

At ClearModule we have expert IP Instructors that teach from basic computer networks to large scale network design, such as ISP Networks.

  • Classroom, e-learning or virtual classroom training.
  • Technologies: IPv4, IPv6, Ethernet, MPLS, VPN, Routing, IPSec, IP Services.


Wireless Networks

At ClearModule we specialize at delivering training for Wireless Network Solutions. We have flexible delivery options (e-learning, virtual instructor or classroom), and our modular approach enables you to target certain technologies at different levels of difficulty (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced). This enables you to build your own training package. We also offer 'ClearModule Certification' on Wireless Network Architecture and Technologies.

  • Classroom, e-learning or virtual classroom training.
  • Networks: Radio and Core Network, Signaling, VoIP, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE.


Career Development

  • Developing an understanding of the critical success factors for developing a successful career and understand how to map this to your individual situation.


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