Professional Services

ClearModule leverages its expertise across many training, technical and business domains to bring an holistic approach to its service offering. The flexibility is in our ability to offer a range of service offerings, from standalone rapid e-learning courses to a complete ecosystem for your training needs. Our service offering can be delivered at an individual, department or corporate level.

Our services portfolio offering is as follows:

• E-Learning Services
• M-Learning Services
• Managed Services
• Consultancy Services
• Blended Learning Services
• Coaching Services
• Skills Gap Analysis Services
• Career Development Services


E-Learning Services

Business needs are constantly changing, and the key to any organization’s success is to have a competence workforce with the latest knowledge and skills to either design, market, sell or support their products and services.

Our eLearning Programs incorporate the latest technologies and tools to deliver high value web based training. Our training delivery ensures individuals retain and use effectively the new gained knowledge and skills in real business situations.

The key performance indicators (KPIs) that we use to ensure successful delivery of our elearning programs are as follows:
• High impact – rapid change (knowledge or skill) based on objectives
• High quality – accurate, engaging and high information (knowledge or skill) retention
• Quantifiable success – metric based business review based on service level agreements
• Cost efficient – competitive pricing and value for money
• Rapid delivery – meet customer deadlines

Our eLearning services include the following:
• consultancy
• strategy development
• content development
• customized solutions
• managed services
• content hosting

M-Learning Services

Mobile Learning (mLearning) is the latest learning technology paradigm that is being used today to deliver knowledge and skills instantly to the user. Having an effective strategy to either compliment or move learning onto mobile platforms (Smartphones, Tablets) is crucial. Our mLearning solutions incorporate the latest technologies, tools and devices ensuring a high quality of experience.

Our mLearning services include the following:
• consultancy
• strategy development
• content development
• customized solutions
• solution testing
• hosting

Managed Services

Our 'Cloud Service' offers flexible and cost efficient services when it comes to hosting your branded training portal or LMS. This enables you to reduce your operational expenditure and outsource a key component of your learning services to a team of LMS experts. We can design these services based on your requirements and unique needs. We offer 24/7 support and high availability for all our managed services, thus providing you with ease of mind that your workforce has ‘always on’ access to their training.

Our service offering includes the following:
• Hosted training portals and LMS
• Hosted Certification Program
• Program/project management
• Online registration, payment and tracking
• Real time reporting
• System and Solution Support

Consultancy Services

Our expertise enables us to support training: strategy development, framework design, solution development and delivery. Our consultants are experts at introducing blended learning solutions into an organization. We have extensive experience at understanding organizational change when moving people from traditional classroom based training to a high impact everyday learning environment. Our consultancy services range from offering basic advice to a full partnership. We can help you understand the costs and benefits of your customized learning solution.

Our service offering includes the following:
• Strategy development
• Cost/benefit analysis
• Learning technologies
• Teaching/Learning methodologies
• Skills gap analysis
• Blended learning solutions
• End-to-end solution design
• Program/project management

Blended Learning Services

Developing a holistic approach to training development and delivery is crucial for any organization or individual today. People are always on the move and learning in different ways. Understanding how and what people are using to learn and develop skills is fundamental before developing any training program. At ClearModule, we are experts at understanding how to make blended learning a part of any training strategy. Providing a variety of learning options (for example, mLearning, eLearning, Games, Virtual Live and Certification) is key to successfully rolling out any training program.

Our blended learning solutions include the following:

• Knowledge Sharing
• eLearning – highly engaging web based training.
• mLearning – highly engaging mobile based training
• Virtual Classroom Training - Live virtual training using the latest cloud technology.
• Certification - Developing world class certification programs using best practice processes and tools.
• Gamification - Bringing interactivity and game mechanics to a learning environment.

Coaching Services

Every training Manager and instructor should understand how to seamlessly move from a classroom to a virtual training environment. The ClearModule Academy provides expert coaching on how to manage and deliver interactive classroom and virtual training. This includes a certification program for instructors.


Skills Gap Analysis Services

Before building any training solution, it is crucial that any individual or organization understand their current level of knowledge and skills. This should be aligned to the business strategy and objectives. Once this is understood, it is important for the training program to build on the current level of knowledge and skill, which ensures each individual has the knowledge and skills to carry out their job. At ClearModule we are experts at understanding skill gap analysis at an individual or organizational level.

Our service offering includes the following:
• Perform skill gap analysis 
• Make recommendation
• Align skill gaps to business needs and budget

Career Development Services

At ClearModule we are experts at mapping out critical success factors for developing a successful career and measuring individual performance.

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