Topic outline

  • Designing MPLS Networks

    This course teaches how to design MPLS networks. It covers the core technologies and protocols so each student develops an in-depth knowledge of the technology, but also the principles around MPLS Network Design.

    This course can be delivered either in a classroom setting or virtually online.


    • Introducing MPLSĀ 
    • Undertanding key protocols (RSVP, LDP)
    • Nework convergence (Routing and LDP)
    • QoS in an MPLS Network
    • Securing an MPLS Network
    • Running Services over MPLS (L3 VPN, L2 VPN)

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    • Module 1 - What is MPLS?

      This module explains MPLS benefits and how the protocol works. There is an explanation of how VPNs are setup across an MPLS network. The module also covers how label swapping is performed across an Label Switched Path (LSP). Finally, the module explains all the key terminology.

    • Module 2 - MPLS Operation

      This module explains the forwarding plane in MPLS, and all the related terminology (LER, LSR, LSP, Label, Push, Swap, Pop). The module goes into detail explaining how LSPs work, how VPNs between remote sites are setup across an MPLS Network.