Topic outline

  • Course: Introduction to 4G/LTE

    This course covers a number of key video training modules on 4G LTE. Each free video module is approximately 10 minutes duration and they will explain the concepts and basic operations of the technology.  The course modules are free to watch.

    We have used a whiteboard approach to delivering this online training for free. This is just one of many ways that we use to deliver e-learning training. Please visit our courses page to see what other great courses we have available.

    • Module 1 - What is 4G LTE?

      This module provides an overview of the Mobile Network Evolution and the drivers for introducing 4G LTE into the Mobile Network today.

    • Module 2 - Cellular Mobile Network Evolution

      This module explains the Cellular Mobile Network Evolution across a number of planes. These planes refer to the following key parts of the network:

      • Wireless/radio Technology
      • Transmission Technology
      • Bearer Technology
      • User Services
    • Module 3 - Technology Transformation in Mobile Networks

      This module describes the key technologies that are transforming the mobile network. The key technologies discussed are as follows:

      • IPv6
      • QoS
      • VoIP
      • Ethernet
      • VPN
    • Module 4 - LTE/SAE Network Architecture

      This module describes the LTE (Long Term Evolution) and SAE (System Architecture Evolution) Network Architecture. It covers the key intefaces for both the radio and core network design.

    • Module 5 - 4G/LTE EPC Interfaces

      This module explains the interfaces used for communication in a 4G LTE/EPC Network.

    • Module 6 - 4G LTE/EPC QoS Design

      This module provides an introduction on what you need to consider when designing the QoS for 4G LTE & EPC Network.