Course Description: Cloud Computing has transformed how consumers and businesses access/manage services, applications and resources over the Networking (Public and Private).

In this course we explain what is 'Cloud Computing', both from a consumer and business perspective. We discuss the different types of Cloud Solutions available today, and the criteria that needs to be understood when moving to a Cloud based solution.

Course Description: This course explains 4G LTE and EPC Solutions which make up the Evolved Packet System (EPS). The course covers topics such as technology evolution, VoLTE, 4G Business, LTE Radio  and Evolved Packet Core.

Course Description: Software Defined-Networking (SDN) is revolutionizing how the network architecture is being designed. 

In this course we explain what is SDN, how it is changing the network architecture, and what this means for network providers today.

Course Description: This course explains the basic concepts of IP Networking. It consists of 10 modules, which cover topics such as IPv4, IPv6, Ethernet Switching, IP Routing and more. 


There is also a 30 question assessment to test your knowledge across these 10 modules. This content is completely free to watch.


This course teaches how to design MPLS networks. It covers the core technologies and protocols so each student develops an in-depth knowledge of the technology, but also the principles around MPLS Network Design.

This course can be delivered either in a classroom setting or virtually online.


  • Introducing MPLS 
  • Undertanding key protocols (RSVP, LDP)
  • Nework convergence (Routing and LDP)
  • QoS in an MPLS Network
  • Securing an MPLS Network
  • Running Services over MPLS (L3 VPN, L2 VPN)

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PHP IconIn this course you will learn how to use the PHP web programming language to develop exciting web applications.

In this course you will learn the basics of Java Programming.This course will show you how to get setup for Java Programming on your computer and will guide you through the basic concepts of Java with examples along the way.

Java Icon

It covers topics such as Strings,Variables,Arrays,User I/O and much more.Get started today!This 10 module course is completely free to watch!